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About Dr. Laurel Wiig - Porter Ranch Counseling and Psychotherapy

What Sets Dr. Laurel Wiig Apart?  Dr. Laurel Wiig is a seasoned and licensed psychotherapist with the wisdom of over 20-years of clinical experience, education and training working with adults, couples, children, teens and families. She graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. In addition, she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is well known in the community for her dedication to teaching Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapists. Dr. Laurel Wiig continues to offer her expertise by teaching differences in depth psychology and cognitive behavioral approaches (CBT) at the Domestic Violence Center in Santa Clarita. Dr. Laurel Wiig is passionate in working with couples and families to create the life that they desire to have.

Years of expertise and continued education and training place Dr. Laurel Wiig in high regard with other professionals. Dr. Wiig has trained extensively at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry for Early Childhood Development. Additional clinical practice include UCLA Psychiatry, the West Los Angeles Police Department and inner city East Los Angeles Unified School District. She has established private practice offices in Encino, Granada Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch and in Valencia and is also the Founder of Porter Ranch Counseling, Porter Ranch Family Counseling and Therapy4help.

Articles, Papers & Publications
"How to Reduce Stress During the Relocation and Gas Leak in Porter Ranch" (2015)
"10 Steps to Reduce Anxiety" (2014)
"How to deal with Loss and Grief" (2014)
"Anxiety and Teens" (2013)
"10 Ways to Improve Chronic Pain" (2013)
"Why Psychotherapy Helps to Improve Depression" (2013)
"Six Ways To Break The Stigma of Mental Illness” (2012)   
"Generalized Anxiety Disorder, A Case Study" (2012)                    
“How to Deal with a Personal Crisis” (2012)                       

"How to Build Better Relationships" (2011)
"Friends and Family" (2011)

“Karma and Kindness” (2011)                                             
"The Secret Disease-- The Alcoholic Mother" (2011
“How to Heal your Family’s Past” (2011)                            
"Domestic Violence and How to Heal" (2010)                                
“Why People Don’t Seek Help” (2010)                                 
"Denial and Depression" (2010)    
“Bullying and Teens” (2010)                            
"Rebuilding The Life That You Want" (2010
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