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Rates & Insurance for therapy services


Please call for rates. 
Our rates range between $80-250 for a 50-minute session and is dependent on your therapist's experience and training.


We understand that therapy can be expensive but we believe it is the best investment you can ever make in yourself or a family member.  We strongly recommend not using insurance in order to provide you with the most privacy and confidentiality, which we take very seriously.

Some of our therapy providers do accept insurance for your convenience. Please keep in mind that when using insurance certain information about you or your family member is released to the insurance company in order to receive payment for services. We do not have any control over where, how or what happens to your information once it is stored in your insurance company's database.


HMO Insurance


Some of our therapy providers accept Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Value Options. Please consult with your provider.

PPO Insurance

We accept all PPO Insurance if you have out of network benefits. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider regarding reimbursement and out of network benefits. We collect payments in full and up front.  If you have a PPO plan, and would like to receive reimbursement from your insurance carrier, a super-bill, a medical receipt, will be provided to you one week following each month of services.

- Anthem / Blue Cross PPO
- Cigna PPO
- Blue Shield - Magellan PPO
- Value Options PPO
- Aetna PPO
- UBH/Pacificare / OPTUM PPO
- United Healthcare PPO
- Kaiser

VICTIMS OF COMPENSATION: California victims of the Las Vegas attack can receive compensation for mental health treatment. Please contact an advocate at the Victims of Crime Compensation Program if you were at the concert, or a relative  of someone at the concert. Relatives can also file as derivatives and will most likely be granted mental health sessions. This compensation can help extend you mental health services and can provide compensation for other expenses. It can take up to 30-90 days to be approved. Please visit http://victims.ca.gov/lasvegas  for more information.


Our office is open seven (7) days a week to provide you with the most availabiity and flexibility.


Questions?  Call today for an appointment to get the right help!  (310)774-1364