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Meet Amanda

Porter Ranch Counseling | Amanda Foster

Amanda Foster

Weight Loss Management Life Coach

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. I work on a very individual, experiential level with my clients. Your personal experience is key to helping me determine how I will work with you to successfully tackle and achieve your weight loss and management goals. I have learned that real weight loss and lasting weight management has to start from the inside out.


We are complex beings, where eating is sometimes an emotional behavioral response, a substitute for what we are not already providing for ourselves. Don’t be afraid. I will go there with you to the depths of your journey so that we can correct and create the right thinking for you. I will lead and teach you to emotionally feed yourself, develop your own plan of action, hold yourself accountable and reach your goal with grand success.


I will provide you with management tools, guidance, encouragement, inspiration and personalized life coaching support. We will go at a pace that is comfortable for you but ultimately you will write your success story that will include long-lasting weight loss results while enjoying and having a fulfilling journey of self-discovery and achievement.

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