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Are You Worried Your Relationship is Toxic?
Do You Want to Improve Your Relationship Intimacy?
Would You Like to Find A Better Way to Resolve Conflict Within Your Relationship?

Take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with our Relationship Therapy & Couples Counseling.

The ebbs and flows we face in our daily life can lead to significant strain on our relationships. But when two people who love one another won’t give up on their relationship, solutions can be found. Couples Counseling guides you through these challenges and helps you deal with anxiety, depression, and trauma that so often compounds them.

Porter Ranch Counseling | Couples Counseling & Relationship Therapy

Who Benefits from Couples Counseling?

Every relationship experiences tension and stress, that’s normal.

However, when you find that the issues you face are getting progressively more difficult to deal with, counseling can lighten the burden.


At Porter Ranch Counseling, we work with couples facing a myriad of relationship challenges including infidelity, financial stress, communication problems, power struggles, substance abuse and much more.

When your relationship no longer provides a safe, secure, and comforting place for you to be yourself, it is time to seek assistance.

From navigating the stress of childrearing to finding an amicable way to end your relationship, couples counseling provides a safe space to overcome the challenges you face.

Porter Ranch Counseling | Couples Counseling & Relationship Therapy

How We Can Help


Relationships must be intentional to work. We help you rediscover your intention to make the best decision for your life and relationship moving forward.


Through both pre-marital, marital and couples counseling packages and detailed workshops, we put you on the path towards relationship success.


Often, simply having a professional in your corner, keeping your communication on track, and building a plan for improving your relationship can be enough to rekindle your love and be fulfilled.


Our hope and goal are to provide our clients with a safe space to explore conflicts and difficulties in their relationship. As a result, your relationship may be strengthened, and you’ll become unstuck from what’s holding you back.


Our couples counseling services focus on overall emotional fitness, help you decrease negative thoughts, and have a healthy, happy life. We dive deep and explore patterns and negative cycles that could be keeping you stuck in the same frustrating arguments with your partner.


There is hope for your relationship. If you and your partner are ready to make changes, willing to face your problems, and open to long-lasting change, couples counseling can be the right solution.

Porter Ranch Counseling | Couples Counseling & Relationship Therapy

Experienced Couples Therapists

We specialize in helping couples make the switch from unhealthy thought patterns in their relationship to more meaningful, long-lasting communication. With both the education and experience needed to help you tune into what’s really going on in your relationship, you can come to a powerful understanding of where your relationship is headed.

Find the healing your relationship needs, with powerful Relationship Therapy & Couples Counseling from Porter Ranch Counseling.