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Lauren-Tara Weinman, MA MFT


My Dedicated Strengths: creative artists (musicians, artists, actors, writers), a break up, family or relationship conflict, relationship dissatisfaction, loneliness, feeling rejected, stress management, procrastination, scrambled thoughts, feelings of unhappiness or no energy, social anxiety, shyness, difficulty leaving the house, extreme worrying that is in getting in the way of you enjoying life, phobias, body image, perfectionism, alcohol abuse, cannabis overuse, sex addiction, grief or loss of a loved one, trauma, transitions/change, LGBTQ+, help creating boundaries, children, tweens, dating, relationship issues, marital and couples counseling, pre-marital therapy, infidelity, infertility, and family therapy.

Hello. My passion is in working with individuals, tweens, teens, couples and families of all backgrounds. I have worked with many diverse situations. I approach my clients with compassion and understanding, qualities I inherited from a loving grandmother. I believe in an attitude of “no shame, no blame, no criticism, and no judgment.” Childhood often can be the basis for certain issues and exploring a client’s childhood to understand the impact it is having on the present situation is helpful.


Also, having travelled extensively to many countries over the years, I bring a natural ability to remain open to learning from my clients drawing from cultural or diversity upbringing in order to further understand where they have come from, their perspective and experiences. This is particularly important since Los Angeles is a grand melting pot of many cultures. My specialty is in directing energy toward positive communication, so that people can lead the life that they want. I look forward to working with you and hope that you find your time with me to be a meaningful, effective, and a rewarding experience, one in which the path for a more peaceful, productive, and joyful life is before you. Happiness is one step away.

As for my approach to therapy, I employ a combination of psychodynamic-drama, CBT, visualization, relaxation, and meditation techniques. In addition, couples and family therapy. I understand that there are times when some people are not always comfortable communicating verbally, I, therefore, use techniques such as drawings, song lyrics, journaling, art, coloring books, among others, to let that person express him or herself in a meaningful and comfortable manner.

Education: I have a post-graduate degree in Clinical Counseling at Palo Alto University where I was awarded membership in the International Academic and Professional Honor Society, Chi Sigma lota. I also received Beck certification (CBT) in treating people suffering with symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood disorders. I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, supervised by Laurel Wiig, PhD, LMFT.

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