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Overcoming Financial Stress With Gratitude During Covid-19 The Road Never Traveled

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Many of us drive or have owned and driven a car at some point. We take on this responsibility knowing there is some element of risk. There are certainly car accidents, lemons to be bought, and a great deal of maintenance and expense to be expected. And we do expect it. We save. We plan maintenance work. We buy insurance. We use seat belts. We do this knowing tragedy could strike but try to lower the odds. We do this with jobs too.

We plan and secure a job. Maybe even one we like! We set up a routine around said job and make a life around its schedule and income. We know there is risk in losing that job so we are conscientious workers. We are on time, productive, and put our heart and soul to our tasks to lower the odds of ever losing that job. Then COVID-19 creeps around and our job is on pause.

Finding Creativity and Gratitude in Uncertain Times

It can make the ground feel shaky beneath our feet. What was solid is soft, what was known, unknown. How does one plan for this? They don’t. Therein lies the deep seated fear. This cannot be planned for. Within a relatively short span, entire industries have come to a s creeching halt. Your neighbor that had to cancel their ski trip because the ski resorts have shut down is one leaf on a large tourism tree that branched out from that ski resort. All of the resort employees from ski patrol to the janitor relied on that income from families just like your neighbor making their way to that mountain top. As we spread out from the resort, we find hotels and Airbnbs, Uber drivers, coffee shops, restaurants, newspaper deliveries, rental shops, linen services all drying up as necrosis overtakes each branch one at a time.

Deliveries that were made into that town dry up. How long before rents aren’t paid? Cars repossessed?

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher

The unknown can be hard and scary. The soft ground beneath our feet dissuades us from taking a step forward. The unknowns of a new virus can blur our path. As our steady ground disperses and our steady hands shake may we find comfort in gratitude. May we find flexibility where we thought it didn’t belong and creativity in our problem solving.

Most of all may we remember Lao Tzu words, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” as mushy as the road might be and as much as our knees may shake. We are here with you.