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Why Everyone Can Benefit from Therapy

The word ‘therapy’ is often tied into emotional assumptions. You might assume that psychotherapy is only for crazy people – surely your situation isn’t so bad that you need an extreme solution like that… right? Wrong. Everyone can benefit from therapy and speaking with a trained counselor is a natural way to process emotions and set yourself on the right path. Plus, isn’t it better to let go of negativity with support and guidance rather than letting it turn into a much bigger problem?

Do any of these common feelings resonate with you? Read on:

  1. I feel stuck and I’m not sure what I want out of life. It’s normal to feel stuck, stalled, or completely lost. A therapist can help you plan for the future and determine what you want to do in the present.

  2. I feel insecure about my relationships and I’m afraid of commitment. Relationship counseling will help you reconnect with the people closest to you and learn how to build a solid support network.

  3. I’m sabotaging my own happiness. Aren’t we all? But really, you can do this! Once you identify what true happiness is, you can overcome the fears that are driving self-sabotage.

  4. A judgmental voice in my head always tells me that I’m not good enough. Combat anxiety and worry with a mental health toolbox. Trust us, you are good enough, and we’ll help you believe it too.

  5. Work is so boring, and I can’t figure out how to buy in. Depression is different for everyone. A psychotherapist can help you engage in life again and make healthy changes.

  6. I hide my real feelings by making other people laugh. Humor is beautiful, but a therapist can help you process all of your emotions, not just the surface ones.

  7. Everyone else makes life look so easy, but I’m struggling just to get by. FOMO is real. Let’s tackle it. These are the prime years of your life, and counseling gives you the tools to appreciate them without envious comparisons.

If you feel like something’s not quite right in your life and you need a change, therapy is a real solution for everyone! Book an appointment today and you’ll be matched with a Porter Ranch counselor who can help you find answers.