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Trauma Therapy

Deciding to employ therapy can be a difficult choice. And once you’ve made the decision to create a better life for yourself, you may find searching for a counselor a daunting endeavor.

Porter Ranch Counseling can help you move beyond traumatic events from your past. We will help you identify your trauma, as well as support you in your healing journey with a professionally trained counselor.

Traumatic events in our lives can negatively impact us for years with the potential to impact us for a lifetime. Because our body holds on to what happened, symptoms of trauma manifest emotionally, mentally, and physically. While we may not make the connection, traumatic events have ripple effects resulting in increased anxiety, self-shaming thoughts, disruptive sleep patterns, grief, sadness, heightened fears, depression, dissociative disorders, lack of motivation, and even physical pain.

But you don’t have to live with the direct results of trauma for your lifetime. The healing process can bring hope to your experience. Porter Ranch Counseling offers professionally trained counselors to our clients suffering from the negative impact of trauma. By helping clients find new ways for their brain and body to process the memories of traumatic experiences, our counselors guide clients through the healing process, supporting them every step of the way.

Trauma therapy can help you if you’ve suffered a personal loss, endured an accident, survived sexual assault or abuse, sustained anxiety, experienced trauma to the body during birth or surgery, felt relationship trauma, or undergo phobias or fears. Trauma counseling can also include a partner for a collaborative process with a focus on the dynamics of your relationship. Porter Ranch Counseling provides a safe and supportive environment for any type of healing process. We structure your experience to match your needs and to ensure you feel as comfortable and secure as possible during your healing journey.

Professional psychotherapy is a piece of your journey. Working with a counselor in a supportive and safe environment is a first step that will lead to a restructured life that includes self-care, the ability to cope in a healthy manner, and other forms of therapy and support. Porter Ranch Counseling helps our clients see beyond the trauma to find self-compassion, self-love, and peace in their lives. Departing a world of flashbacks and nightmares and entering a world of calm and happiness, our clients heal and recover from traumatic events.

The counselors at Porter Ranch Counseling can help you despite your source of trauma. We will support and guide you to a place where you can process your memories in a healing manner and where you can liberate your mind and body from the effects of trauma.

Porter Ranch Counseling – Trauma Therapy

Porter Ranch Counseling can help you invest in your future by supporting your journey in creating a better life. We can help you find a new way to process trauma during your path to healing with our professionally trained counselors. Book your first appointment with Dr. Laurel Wiig or one of our trauma specialists. We are here to help.